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D`Entrecastreaux Channel North District - Wineries, Vineyards, Wine, Winery Tour Maps, Cellar Doors - Tinderbox, Oyster Cove, Kettering, Bruny Island - SE Coast

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climate The D'Entrecasteaux Channel North District includes the area of the channel north of Kettering that extends between Bruny Island and the Tasmanian mainland north along the coast to the Derwent, estuary at Piersons Point. It includes the townships of Snug, Margate, Kettering, The Chimneys, Oyster Cove and Tinderbox. The district is renowned for its orchards (cherries, apples, pears) and more recently for its vineyards. The villages provide services for the local farming communities and support tourism and many also support commercial and recreational fishing activities. Kettering is the major fishing centre in the region and is the port for the ferry to Bruny Island. Kettering boasts two major marinas, Oyster Cove Marina and South Haven Marina, and there are many smaller, privately owned jetties. The entire channel area is famous for its fishing and boating. Kettering and the surrounding towns have thriving arts and craft communities. The area is renowned for its fresh produce. Local wineries in the area include: Bellendena Vineyard, Bracken Hill Vineyard, Buona Vista Vineyard, Fluted Cape Vineyard, Herons Rise Vineyard, Nandroya Estate, Oyster Cove Vineyard, Tinderbox Pty Ltd.

The D`Entrecasteaux Channel Wine Region includes two districts : D`Entrecasteaux Channel North ; D`Entrecasteaux Channel South

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