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Central East Coast Wine District - Wineries, Vineyards, Wine, Winery Tour Maps, Cellar Doors - Bicheno, Cranbrook, Swansea, Freycinet, Triabunna, St Marys

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climate The Central East Coast Wine District is located along the East Coast of Tasmania, from Bicheno to the Freycinet Peninsula and includes the towns of Bicheno, Cranbrook, Swansea, Freycinet, Triabunna, Coles Bay and St Marys. Bicheno is one of the most beautiful towns in Tasmania's and it is a very popular holiday destination. It began life as a sealing and whaling town, then switched its focus to coal mining but today crayfishing and tourism are the largest industries. Bicheno has many wonderful natural attractions, including fabulous beaches, wonderful scuba diving sites and superb fishing from boat or shore. The east coast economy is based on tourism and fishing industries with species ranging from abalone, crayfish, oysters, scallops, and many deep-sea species available. It is also home to some magnificent vineyards and wineries. In the Bicheno, Cranbrook and Swansea area the vineyards have been carefully sited to benefit from a unique microclimate, which ensures a long, gradual ripening period. Most vineyards are established on northerly or easterly facing slope in eastward running valleys. The region is unique in Tasmania with its mild climate throughout the year, and no winter frosts or fogs. The climate is quite dry as the mountains act as a barrier to the prevailing westerly winds, creating a rain shadow across the east of the island. Mean annual rainfall of 3,500 mm on the western highlands at Lake Margaret, drops to as little as 685 mm at Bicheno. Rainfall is evenly distributed throughout the year with a spring dry-period. Irrigation and frost control devices.

The East Coast Wine Region includes two districts : East Coast Central ; East Coast Lower

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