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climate The Granite Belt region gets its name from the nature of the terrain which featues large granite boulders dotting rugged hilly landscape, which sometimes causing problems during planting. This is Queensland`s best known wine region and being relatively close Brisbane it is a favourite for wine tours and bus trips to visit the wineries. The Granite Belt includes an area that stretches from Inglewood and Texas in the west, north to Allora and Clifton, to Cunningham`s Gap (just 120 km south west of Brisbane) in the east and south to the border town of Wallangarra. The region is centred around the town of Stanthorpe close to the border with New South Wales. The wine industry in the area was pioneered by Italians and their descendants beginning around the 1920s. They initially produced wine for their own enjoyment and for sale to the Italian cane-growing communities to the north. It was not until the mid 1960s that growers became interested in growing the classic wine varieties. In 1965 the first shiraz wine grapes were planted in the Granite Belt, initially only one hectare. This was an appropriate choice as this variety as well as semillon are suited to the area. The Ricca family were the pioneers in the area. They weree closely followed by the Robinsons Family Vineyards which were established in 1969 by Toowoomba solicitor John Robinson and wife Heather. In the following year, what became Ballandean Estate was established. These two wineries remain the largest in the district, and Kominos, Rumbalara and Bungawarra are well renowned wine names in the area. The many boutique wineries today produce a broad range of wine styles including Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Semillon. The Granite Belt was formally declared a wine region in 2000. Though most of Queensland is too hot for grapes, the Granite Belt is one of the highest vineyard regions in Australia with altitudes ranging from 700-1200 m. This altitude creates distinctive seasons with cold frosty winters and warm, but not hot summers. The major problems for this region are spring frosts, highly variable soils and rainfall during the harvest period. Local Wine tourism is of critical importance for the Granite Belt wineries. There are now more than 50 boutique wineries in the district as well as a wondeful range of fresh food outlets and gourmet cafes and restaurants in the area. The South Ballandean district includes the wineries in the area near the townships of Ballandean, Wyberba and Giraween.You can see a list of all wineries in the Granite Belt Wineries . The local wine districts are: Amiens ; Glen Aplin ; North Ballandean ; ; Stanthorpe ; Tenterfield ; The Summit. For a tour map of the area see: Granite Belt Map The West Ballandean District which includes wineries in the area to the West of Ballandean.

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