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Pemberton-East and Qunninup Wine Distict - Wineries, Vineyards, Wine, Winery Tour Maps, Cellar Doors - Pemberton Wine Region, Western Australia

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climate Pemberton East and Qunninup Wine District, in the Pemberton Wine Region south of Perth, includes wineries west of Pemberton an near the town of Qunninup. The magnificent forests of the South West region of Western Australia, near Pemberton are a much loved natural asset that are enjoyed by many tourist. The area has towering eucalyptus forests, beautiful waterfalls, clear rivers, lakes and many boutique wineries with vineyards dotted among the forests. Visit the intriguing Gondwana type landscapes consisting of majestic Karri and Jarrah forests. You can enjoy bushwalking among the forest giants and even climb up into the canopies and enjoy learning about the ecology of these ancient forests. Some of the wineries in this district include: Eastbrook Estate, Lost Lake, Omodei Vineyards, Phoenicia Wines, Picardy Winery, Salitage Wines.

The Pemberton Wine Region includes four districts : Pemberton-West ; Pemberton-Central ; Qunninup ; Northcliffe

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