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climate The Gippsland Wine Region includes the entire area of Gippsland located in south-eastern Victoria which is commonly subdivided into East Gippsland, West Gippsland and South Gippsland. The Region is one of Victoria's most important fisheries, agricultural, indutrial and wine producing areas, and is also very popular with tourists and holiday makes from Melbourne. The rich agricultural area produces wool, meat, dairy products, wines, olives, various fruits, berries and vegetables and wonderful seafood - both wild-caught and farmed. Gippsland is a unique Wine Zone, that is recognised by the EEC, for export of its premium cool climate wines. Gippsland is a large and diverse area and the topography, soils and climate vary significantly throughout the sub-regions, however the entire region is relatively cool affected by the southerly winds from Bass Strait and the northerly winds from the Alpine Victorian snowfields. Gippsland has of 3 distinct geographic regions: # South Gippsland - An area south of the Strzelecki Ranges down to the Bass Strait, including Wilson's Promontory and Phillip Island. # West Gippsland - that includes the Latrobe Valley and the area known as the Gourmet Deli near Warragul. It extends as far as Rosedale in the east. # East Gippsland - includes the are east of Rosedale to the NSW border and includes the cities of Bairnsdale, Sale and Lakes Entrance. This sub-region has a more Mediterranean style climate with lower rainfalls than the rest of Gippsland. Gippsland has wonderful rich soils, reliable rainfall and a fresh and clean environment that produces outstanding grapes and wines. Most of the early attempts to grow grapes and produce wine failed. The1970s saw the establishment of successful wineries using new methods and grape varieties more suited to the local conditions. The Region now has over 30 licensed wineries with 60 or more vineyards supplying grapes to the local wineries. Most of the wineries are small family wineries that encourage visitors to taste their wines at their cellar doors.

The Gippsland Wine Region includes eight districts : Stratford-E.Gippsland ; Cann River-E.Gippsland ; Lakes Entrance-E.Gippsland ; Gurdies-S.Gippsland ; Leongatha-S.Gippsland ; Warragul-W.Gippsland ; Traralgon-W.Gippsland ; Beaconsfield-W.Gippsland

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