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Huon River Wine Region - Wineries, Vineyards, Wine, Winery Tour Maps, Cellar Doors - Huonville, Garners Bay, Glaziers Bay, Cradoc, Cygnet - Tasmania

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climate The Huon Valley District includes towns along Huon River and its estuary, south of Hobart and the Derwent River. There is a range of wonderful towns and villages in the region including: Port Huon, Ranleagh, Huonville, Cradoc, Galaziers Bay, Petchys Bay, Gardners Bay. The towns occur along the coastal areas and in the headwaters of the estuary. Despite the southern latitude of the area, which is below the 50th parallel, the region produces outstanding cool climate grapes that have a wonderful depth of flavours and character, due to the slow ripening and late harvest (April, May and June). The mean maximum air temperatures throughout the region generally range from 12°C in July to 22°C in February. The mean minimum temperatures range from 11°C in February to about 4°C in June/July. Frosts are rare close to the river or estuary. The average annual rainfall is around 850 mm and relatively uniform throughout the year, peaking in July to October and is lowest in February. The best performing varieties are the Chardonnays, Pinots and Rieslings. The major rural industries of the Huon region are tourism, aquaculture, agriculture and forestry. The many outstanding wineries in the area include: August Hill Estate, Bennett's Vineyard, Elsewhere Vineyard, Hartzview Vineyard, Home Hill Wines, No Regrets, Panorama and Petcheys Bay.

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