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Find a Winery - Australia
North East Wine Region - Wineries, Vineyards, Wine, Winery Tour Maps, Cellar Doors - Scotsdale, Bridport, St Helens, Winnaleah, Branxholm - Tasmania

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climate The North East Tasmania Wine Region includes the area between Bridport on the northern coastline to St Helens on the eastern coastline. The Region has many interesting towns and villages: Bridport, Scotsdale, Winnaleah, Branxholm, Gladstone, Derby and St Helens. The only winery in the region is Winnaleah Vineyard located near the small town of Winnaleah. The region has a variety of agricultural enterprises including dairy, pigs, beef, sheep as well as a variety of crops such as potatoes, poppies, hops, essential oils and plantation forests. There are a number of attractions in the region including: Blue Lake at South Mount Cameron, an array of secluded white sandy beaches, Mt William National Park, fantastic fishing and surfing spots and the Myrtle forest at Weldborough. The latitude of 41 degrees south gives the North East Region, like the Pipers Brook Region, a relatively cool climate comparable to the Rhine Valley (Germany) and Champagne (France). The climate is relatively consistent and mild throughout the year, and the temperature extremes in winter and summer found in other parts of Australia are absent from this region. Temperatures are cool in winter but frosts are infrequent, especially close to the coast. While the heat summation is generally low the sunshine hours are generally high (8-10 hours Dec to March) and high sugar levels are achieved in years in which late season rains (peaking in June-August) do not intervene.

The North West Wine Region includes two districts : North West Coastal ; North West Inland

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